We design the most spectacular boats in the business.

We are trying really hard, together with our vast network of people in our business to develop the best boats in their class. We use experience from the past to build boats for the future.
Time is over when a boat is something you have to take care of. Let it take care of you.

Victum uhd700 prototype

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There are several reasons to choose one of our boats
But our number one reason is.. low maintenance
And the looks..

When we started this project back in 2016 we had one goal in mind. To develop a boat with the least maintenance in the world. 
All our representatives in the company has worked with boats all our lives and this is what we do. Boats.
We have now together with our vast network of partners made couple of designs we are very proud of.
None of our models require winterization, antifouling, winter cover or even dry-docking. They stay happily stuck in the ice during winter. This is thanks to our very special hull and hydraulic engine lift which raises your precious outboards out of the water, tilted down. This protects them during icy periods and helps making routine service still in the water.

We are a small but specialist company, our production roof is reached at already 5 boats per year.
This is no accident. The way we build our boats are together with a very meticulous shipyard, sharing the same belief as us.
We want to design, build and sell a few high end boats per year, and these boats are going to be the best in the world.
This is why most of our welds are TIG:ed and not slashMIGed together, our hinges are welded and not riveted, the glass is thick, our hulls are thick and durable, our pollards are made to lift the boats in, our fenders are made from the most durable material we know, Linex.
This is some examples of what makes our boats unique. Apart from that, the sheer looks makes them special.

When you just look at our boats, from wither far away or very up close,
You will see why they are different.

Check out our models below